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  • High-performance stream media transfer and storage capability
  • Support local storage and IP-SAN storage
  • Support GIS map(Google, RasterMap)
  • Support ONVIF, GB/T28181standard protocol gateway connection
  • Support intelligent device connection
  • Front panel can displays system service status
  • Max support 2000 channels(Max support 500 input devices )
  • Support 10000 accounts management and 1000 online users
  • Support 700M transfer and local storage capability
  • Support 20 distributes server and 5-level cascade, E-map max displays 200-channel on one screen 
    • Processor
      Intel Core Processor
    • Operating System
      Embedded Linux
    • Motherboard
      Embedded Board(support 7*24 operation)
    • Memory
      8GB DDR3
    • Video Recording
      D1: 120 channels, CIF: 400 channels
    • Case
      Hot-dipped galvanized sheet steel (1.2mm thickened),High-precise aluminum alloy slide, Patented pull-out rack design.
    • User Interface
      WEB GUI
    • RAID
      Single, Raid 0, Raid 1, Raid 5
    • Playback
      D1: 60 channels, CIF: 200 channels
    • HDD Hibernation
      Main thoroughfare through the backplane
    • Fault Alarm
      Support for E-mail, beep, SDK, etc. For fault alarm
    • Hard Disk
      24 SATAⅡports,24 HDDs supported(each one up to 4TB)
    • Ethernet
      2 RJ-45 ports(10/100/1000M)
    • Power Supply
      100V-240Vac, 47-63Hz
    • Power Consumption
      280W~490W(with HDD)
    • Working Temp
    • Working Humidity
    • Weight
    • Dimension

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