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Application Of V4 Submersible Pumps

A combination of multistage centrifugal pumps and submersible motors, the 4” borehole submersible pump, is designed for applications like:

  • Domestic water supply.
  • Water supply to high rise buildings.
  • Housing complexes, bungalows.
  • Gardens, farms and nurseries.


Operating Parameters

Name of Parts V4 Borehole Submersible Pumps
H. P. Range 0.5 H.P. To 3.0 H.P. (Single phase version)
1.0 H.P. TO 6.0 H.P. (Three Phase version)
Head Range Upto 120 Meters
Discharge At Duty Point 25 - 200 LPM.
Max. Discharge 300 LPM.
Max. Head / Stage 7 Meters
Operating Voltage 160-240 volt (Single Phase)
300-440 volt (Three phase)
Max voltage fluctuation +15% -20%
Max. Start/Hour 20
Max. Temp. of Liquid 40° C
Max. Permissible Amount of Sand In The Water 30 Gram/Cubic Meter
Version Single Phase - 220 Volt - 50 Hz
Three Phase - 415 volt 50Hz

# Due to continuous efforts in improvements, information furnished above is subject to change without notice

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