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Sukam 1400VA Inverter Price

Sukam 1400VA Inverter Price

What is Sukam 1400VA Inverter Price in India?

\"SukamSukam 1400VA inverter price varies between Rs 6700/- to Rs Rs 8300 in India. Cost of Sukam 1400VA inverter varies across India due to different state taxes, fuel surcharge, and Octroi. Sukam 1400VA inverter can run up to 7 fans, 8 lights and 1 TV during power cut. This is ideal for upper middle class home with 3 or 4 bed rooms. Sukam 1400VA inverter runs on 2 batteries and comes with 24 months manufacturer warranty.

Su-Kam is a leader in the power back-up industry in India which has created new benchmarks for the industry. It is the only power back-up company in the country whose R & D is recognised by the Government of India. Sukam Home UPS provides 100% pure AC power equivalent to grid power. Sine Wave back-up power supply ensures your household appliances are protected from damage and extends their life.

Sukam 1400VA inverter with Sukam 150AH battery price ranges between Rs 30,700/- to Rs 32,700/- in India. Sukam 1400VA inverter can run home appliances like Desktop Computer, Laptop, LCD TV, LED TV. Sukam 1400VA inverter cannot run home appliances like Washing machine and Air Conditioner.

Key Features:

  1. High surge withstand capability (Upto 300%)
  2. Provides pure sine wave output (100% pure)- purer than power from grid
  3. Instant switchover: for the computer to run uninterrupted during power cuts, without rebooting.
  4. Provides extra long back-up for computers
  5. Space Saver – ideal for modern day households.
  6. User friendly display of alerts
  7. Choice of various aesthetically designed models.
  8. Option of castor wheel mounted trolley for easy movement.
  9. LED display
  10. Saves 40% electricity bill as compared to square wave inverter
  11. Incorporates smart overload sensing and short-circuit protection with auto reset.

Sukam 1400VA inverter price in India can change without notification by the manufacturer. Above mentioned details are for indication purpose. Product color is subject to availability & whichever is in stock will be shipped. We sell only 100% genuine products.

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