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Solar Pump

A solar PV water pumping system, commonly known as a solar pump draws power from solar cell / modules to operate a motor pump set. Solar power pumps use specially developed and energy efficient motor pump sets to achieve higher discharge which off sets the high initial cost. A solar PV water pumping system consists of a number of solar PV modules connected in series - parallel combination to generate sufficient power to operate a motor pump. The solar PV modules are mounted on a metal frame in a manner that the mounting frame can be turned / tilted to ensure that the modules keep facing the sun throughout the day. The system does not have any storage battery since power generated is used directly then and there. The SPV array converts the solar energy into electricity which is used for running the motor pump set. The pumping system can draw water from the open well / bore well or stream / pond or canal. 


  • SPV water pumping systems can be installed at a site completely eliminating loss of energy in transmission.
  • Can be installed to the required load of pumps upto 3000 Watts ( 2 hp )
  • SPV modules need only minimum maintenance and no battery is required

Potential for Use: 
SPV pumps are more suitable for remote areas with no or unreliable grid or as an alternative to diesel pumps. Some of the most popular applications are :

  • Drinking water supply for small habitations
  • Horticulture farms, orchards, vineyards, gardens and nurseries
  • Agro forestry and plantations
  • Dairy, poultry and sheep farm
  • Aqua culture, fish farming

Technical Specifications

Model 1 : Shallow Open Well Applications

  • Solar array : 900Wp
  • Pump : 1HP
  • Discharge : 69,000 litres / day at 10 m head
  • Pipes :Suction - 2" dia, Delivery - 1 1/2” dia.

(Suction Head 25', Delivery Head 25')

Model 2 : Open Well Applications

  • Solar array : 1800Wp
  • Pump : 2 HP
  • Discharge : 1,38,000 litres / day at 10 m head
  • Pipes:Suction - 2 1/2" dia, Delivery - 2 1/2” dia

(Suction Head 25', Delivery Head 25')

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