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Solar Invertor

Pure Sine Wave Output Back-up is safest combination of UPS, Inverter and Voltage Stabilizer as it provides Pure Sine Wave Output. It is powered by micro controller digital technology. You can run all appliances altogether including Tube lights, Fans & Computer which eliminates the need of two equipments for similar applications, at your home or office. Solar Preference Solar Charge Controller is needed to be connected for solar powering the batteries. There is a mains to battery charger inbuilt in Solar Inverter but it starts charging batteries only when the batteries get exhausted due to absence of solar power or anything else. When the batteries get exhausted, Solar Inverter shifts to mains mode and starts charging the batteries through mains while giving stabilized mains AC to the load at output. When the battery is fully charged through mains charger, the unit shifts back to battery, thus giving top preference to Solar Power.


  • Microcomputer/DSP based design
  • Auto self-testing with auto self fault detection
  • Solar PV reverse voltage protection
  • Electronic over current charging protection
  • Fully regulated charge controller inside
  • Reverse current flow protection battery to solar array
  • Takes zero current from input if solar power is present
  • No mechanical contact for charge controller
  • All the time constant current changing


  • Houses, Guest Houses , Hospitals , Hotels, Shops


  • Invertor IEC 61683 Std / IEC 60068
  • Batteries IEC 61427 / IS 1651/IS13369
  • Cable IEC 60189 / IS 694/IS1554


  • Invertor - 18 months
  • Battery - 3yrs
  • Solar panel - 10 yrs


  • 300 VA, 600VA. 650VA, 850VA, 1450VA,2KVA, 3 KVA, 5KVA

Load Chart:

650 VA/12VA
850 VA/12VA 1450 VA/24VA
Applications A B A B A B
Fan 3 2 4 3 8 7
CFL 3 2 5 4 9 8
TV 1 - 1 - 1 -
Computer - 1   1 - 1


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